What Maverick Bees teaches us about marketing

What Maverick Bees teaches us about marketing

Bees and Marketing. Have you lost your mind? I think some of you are wondering that right now. First, let’s explain what marketing means so that you understand why bees and, more importantly, how they work, are so important to the field of marketing itself.

Marketing can be defined as a set of activities and products with one main objective: to create value for the customer and ideally with the best and most beneficial intentions for society.

As you can see, marketing is not easy to define because its variety and creativity are almost unlimited. While marketing should no doubt be about creativity, it is increasingly a business driven by data and metrics, where prevention is better than cure.

Solitary bees are fantastic creatures in many ways. Not only do they play a key role in the biodiversity without which we would sooner or later become extinct, but their unique system of swaying dances also teaches us about innovation, creativity and evolution.
Intelligent waggle dance system
What is the wobble dance system? Demonstrate ideas that usually fail, but as soon as the rules of the game change for the entire company?

Why marketers need to implement an API system
What is the connection between the beekeeping system and the marketing department? In many ways, it accesses today’s huge, even huge, creative problems rather than focusing on data and metrics. Focus on what we know, not what we need to survive.

If we only focus on what we know, our business will not survive
Over the centuries, innovation and creative thinking have wiped out or replaced many businesses.

Nowadays, logic surpasses imagination
Let’s face it. How many marketers are brave enough to say, listen, 70.80% of my time I’m doing my traditional marketing job, but the rest of the time I’m just focusing on random things, brainstorming and trying new things to see if we can get something out of it.

What is the lesson?
What Can We Learn From This?

1. All data show what was
Whatever metrics, metrics and statistics you use as a marketer, remember that this is historical data and therefore not necessarily relevant to current or future trends. At best, metrics can get you exactly where your competitors are, but no further.

2. Looking beyond what you know is the key to surviving in the future
If you want your product or service to be always popular in both life and marketing, look for new and creative ways to improve the product or find innovative ways to deliver and promote it to the customer .

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