Why Global Targeting Can Give You Local Advantages

Because global targeting can offer local advantages

Have you ever wondered if global targeting could result in local benefits for your local business or brand?

Whether you focus on services, products, or industries, you’re always wondering how to most effectively target your ads to grow your business.

In this process, you want to be extremely conservative financially with your marketing strategy and only target places where you know your return on investment will be the highest possible.

The global aspect attracts local buyers
One of the biggest mistakes a local business can make when trying to increase its sales is assuming that locals only prefer locally-focused businesses that are clearly integrated into the community in which they operate , and are therefore only locally oriented.

Yes, local businesses can offer a certain rarity and exclusivity to the region in which they operate, provided they are only small businesses such as craft workshops etc. But especially with larger companies, there is nothing more desirable than making a company known beyond its core region.

Why? Because it comes with significant benefits that can greatly enhance your reputation as a business in your area and turn locals into loyal customers for your services or products.

We want to be proud of where we live
One of the reasons why a global presence in a local context can be very beneficial is that people are always comparing their city, region or place of residence to others. What is the evidence? There are many. First, investigations were conducted to confirm the truthfulness of this statement.

But we don’t need soundings to see that. The best example of local pride and what it means to the people is sport. Because if you don’t hate the city you live in, you will most likely be attracted by the good performance of their sports teams.

We want to live in a successful, attractive and well-known place. We want to be proud of our team, our companies, our schools, our organizations, etc. Therefore, raising awareness outside the city and successful implementation will keep citizens happy while contributing to a sense of pride in their city.

Good work offers you the highest quality of workmanship
It’s no wonder that a well-functioning company that manages to attract the world gathers the best people around it over time.

The company does not have to act globally for this, it is sufficient to raise awareness. If you become a celebrity in your area or state, trust me, everyone in your country and beyond will email you to work for you.

Employee selection will improve and your chances of attracting the most qualified or most suitable employees to your company or organization will increase exponentially.

A better workforce improves the training of new employees
The more workforce you attract to your local business, the greater the benefits it brings to the local community, particularly in terms of recruiting and training new employees. For what?

people are more likely to support you
I touched on this a little earlier, but let’s move on here. Every business has its ups and downs, no matter how big it is, what it does, or who it wants to reach.

However, believe me when I say that a local company doing smart global marketing will get a lot more support from the locals in tough times.

Why? Because over the years, such an undertaking becomes part of the city’s identity, a tradition to which the residents are accustomed. And we love the things we know and can identify with. There’s a kind of patriotism there, and sport is a perfect example of that too.

We trust them more than if a completely unknown company suddenly transferred its business to us, even if it has achieved better results and impact over time. It could be related to behavioural science and fear of the unknown.

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